Hope everyone had a “Happy” month in March, and not just one Happy day (March 20 was declared the International Day of Happiness by the UN.) The observation of that day didn’t turn out to be unnecessary and frivolous as some thought it would. Social Media saw reflections on what “Happiness” meant to people, and how appreciative they were of things that made them happy. Surprisingly, even on the Bhutanese front where many cynics on “Happiness” abound, negativity was largely suspended and replaced with cheerful greetings instead.  Bhutan’s soft power – GNH – has certainly gone global, and it is all thanks to His Majesty the Fourth King who gave birth to this noble development philosophy. His Majesty the Fifth King of Bhutan, meanwhile, continues to keep this philosophy alive, and others like the Prime Minister have carried the message far and wide.  Now that it has officially gone global, it is important that we bring the focus of “Happiness” back to our own boundaries and build on the creation of a country that we aspire for. Election time is upon us. We are headed to the polls like we did five years ago! This time, however, people seem to be clearer about what they are looking for, but what may be in question is whether they will find the right candidates who embody their ideals. Political parties are having difficulty finding the right people. Many of the candidates appear wet behind the ears. Unless some rules/laws on requirements for candidates changes, the parties, and more importantly the country, will suffer from getting the right people in parliament. In this issue The Raven talks to the Election Commissioner about this. Current requirements that candidates have a college degree or resign from government service before campaigning, place too high a barrier to a broad, all inclusive democracy.

On a lighter note Bhutan saw record snowfalls this winter, but hopefully that is behind now. Spring is here, and so are the elections! It is time for new beginnings – new life, new inspiration, and perhaps even a new government? Every day, or season, is an opportunity to renerw ourselves, but there is something about spring. It brings with it – through the budding leaves and flowers, and the new life forms – a fresh wave of optimism.

Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass and spring will come – Robert H. Schuller.

Sonam Ongmo


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