KUZUZANGPO! as the election dust settles and the country moves on ahead, we continue to confront the challenges of a society in flux. A traditional society struggling to modernize and develop always has more than its fair share of difficulties. But when they start taking a toll, in the form of lives, it is time for us not just to sit and reflect, but also to act.

The socio-economic conditions of the people are taking a toll on some of the most vulnerable sections of our society – our children. Suicide, as experts will say, is the last resort for those who see no way out – those who have no hope.

If an increasing number of young people are feeling this way, it means that we seriously need to address where it is that we are going wrong. And as educated people, as decision makers, as parents, educators, as officers and as adults, we should feel this responsibility seriously and do our bit, even if it is just to give a word of encouragement to a child or show concern. The other would be to put proper policies in place that would help reverse this trend.

For a society that has prided itself in being associated with “peace” and “happiness” to have to see a surge in suicides should tell us that there is a real need for us to reassess how we deal with and reach out to our children. And by that I don’t just mean our biological children, or the children of our relatives. Of course home is where we start, but it is the overall attitude of society towards the young that accounts for how the youngest are treated and how secure they are made to feel in their surroundings.

Last year at this time The Raven was launched. The magazine made its entrance into an environment that has not been the best for the media on all fronts. Like most publications our future is still shaky, but we would like to keep our hopes up with the support of those who value us for what we do.

On a brighter note, it is hard to believe that it is already two years since the Royal Wedding. The Raven would like to take this opportunity to wish their Majesties – His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo and Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen – a very happy anniversary!

With the first session of the parliament over, may we also wish the new government and the opposition every success in their work for the Tsawa Sum.

Sonam Ongmo



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