Last Word

Something is always wrong when something so difficult like dying becomes unusually easy. In this complex web of life and living many are those who get by with whatever bits and pieces life gives and what they manage to grasp in order to continue life as it is.

Dying is something many prepare for, but nobody wants. So when it becomes an option for people then it is cause for grave concern.

With an increase in the number of suicides in recent times, this has become the topic of conversation and discussion amongst many. People are deep in thought and wonder what it is that is leading to such tragic stories amongst the youth.

This was not the state of affairs in this happiness-promoting nation back in the day or even some until a few years ago. So why then are we experiencingthese dismal new developments when the country is supposedly on a track to greatness in terms of democratic transformations, incoming modern conveniences and comforts?

It would come to appear from experts and logical deductions that on the path to modernization we will confront many complex developmental issues. Society will pay a price for it if we do not make ourselves aware of these negative developments.

For example, in the age of the internet and technology there is an information overload. Social media like Facebook and Twitter, add to that the cable television, inclusive of its multiple channels, inundate the minds of young people day and night. Young people put their lives online and share it with complete strangers and allow them into theirs.

If not taken in the right sense with every touch of moderation or a touch of sensible realistic perspective, they can wind up exposing their vulnerable selves in ways that could be very harmful. Cyber-bullying, negative and harmful criticism can take a toll on young minds. But aside from the internet, it is also in daily dealings that kids are finding themselves confronted with new emotional challenges and unprepared to cope with them.

The role of caregivers, teachers and parents in society has to develop with the needs of young people. Today it is important for adults to teach children how to fend for themselves not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. It is reassuring to know that the Prime Minister has instituted a committee to specially discuss and address this issue head on.

However, at the end of the day, what we should keep in mind is the irony of our times. In an age where we have sophisticated tools and means for communication we may not be communicating enough and more effectively. Or, that the valuable messages that we want to impart to our children through words uttered face to face, are being lost because our tools of communication and entertainment take us away from being face to face with them.



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