A la Carte

  Posted on 01/20/14 3:00 PM

An ordinary signboard that reads ‘A La Carte’ hanging from one of the verandas above the front entrance of Mojo Park – a live music bar and lounge that I frequent – was something I reluctantly noticed a while ago from seeing people going up and down the side alley. I finally decided to steal […]


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  Posted on 01/20/14 2:56 PM

Yangdon is in love with Tenzin. But she is faced with the brutal reality of his betrayal, when he does not accept the news of her pregnancy. In desperation, Yangdon goes to speak with Tenzin’s parents. But unfortunately the response she gets from them is no better, and instead gets thrown out of their house […]


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Sonam Sonam

  Posted on 04/18/13 9:15 AM

DIRECTOR : Tshering Wangyel CAST : Lhakpa Dhendup, Tandin Bidha, Phub Thinley, Karma Tshering, Kinley Wangdi, Pema Sambhava Synopsis : The plot revolves around two different individuals who are brought together by circumstances leading to a truly heartwarming romance The movie, which is very simple in its plot, is like most Bhutanese movies that have […]


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Jarim Sarim Yeshey Tshogay

  Posted on 03/11/13 8:26 AM

DIRECTOR Karma Choechong CAST Tshokey Tshomo Karchung, Ulap Lekey, Phurba Thinley Synopsis Jarim Sarim Yeshey Tshogay is about a poor school girl who dares to dream of becoming Miss Bhutan one day. The story poignantly portrays what might be the state of many girls in the country who often wind up sparing their dreams for […]


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Jewel in the Crown

  Posted on 03/11/13 8:23 AM

Price Nu. 1,200 Publisher BMC Pvt. Ltd A picture book, Jewel in the Crown is Bhutan’s own story of the King and Queen that beats any fairy-tale. As a little girl, or even a little boy who fancied fairy tales, reading and thumbing through story and picture books of Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses, […]


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Say You Love Me

  Posted on 03/10/13 12:52 PM

Director Tshering Wangyel Cast Tandin Sonam, Tandin Bidha, Phurba Thinley Synopsis Say You Love Me is a romantic drama with multiple themes conveying varied messages. The story revolves around the life of a young man and his love for a beautiful lady.  The movie is just right for the Bhutanese audience, in that it contains […]