ugyen-panday Age?
- I am 27.

Where are you from?
- I am from Bartsham, Trashigang.

How do you define life?
- Life will be worth living if you do something worthwhile.

Define Love?
- I am not a very expressive person, so it’s hard to explain, but for me love is simply what I feel for my family and friends. I know I love them even when I am angry or sad.

Your Profession?
- I am a Recording Artist and Freelance Singer.

What/Who inspires what you do?
- My inspirations comes from my family’s love and support. Because of their faith in me, I learnt to believe in myself.

Your favorite genre of music?
- I love slow rock.

What do you hope to achieve?
- A different music scenario and a bigger platform in future. I hope my music has a lasting and more holistic influence on listeners.

What are your other interests?
- I love cooking up new recipes.

Who is your Role Model?
- The best role model is the inner you.

One thing you’d like to change about yourself?
- I would love to stop or, at least reduce, my habit of chewing a whole lot of Doma (Beetle nut).

 What are you obsessing on right now?
- I have mad love for my son, Dugu. I’m obsessed with his laughter.

- I like snacking.

- I dislike the fact that sometimes I’m too busy to eat.

What’s your Quirk?
- I play basketball in Jeans. I also carry a note pad and a pen with me all the time, but don’t ever get around to writing anything in it at all.

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  1. What is your parents name??

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